A Certain Scientific Railgun S Episode 17 Review

Railgun S Ep 17 - AnimeMage.com

A Certain Scientific Railgun S Episode 17 Review

Well were onto another arc which seems to be starting slow but looking at the new OP it could be quite entertaining with a lot more of the girls getting in on the action this time.

Railgun S Ep 17 - AnimeMage.com

But my question is who is the little girl? I don’t remember her from the Manga’s so this part of the series is going to be new to me which will make a nice change :)

Railgun S Ep 17 - AnimeMage.com

This weeks episode as mentioned was quite slot, entertaining but I felt it was there to tie a few loose ends (what’s happening with the sisters etc) and also bring the group back together since most of the last story line focused on Misaka and her one girl storm of destruction…

So Kuroko and Misaka manage to get the dorm supervisor to allow them to stay out past normal curfew so they could “study” with their friends who “need help”. This “help” side of the request gets a very forward and quick answer from the dorm supervisor who advises Misaka to keep her friends close, this is something she has no problems doing.

Before they all meet up for food and potential lack of studying they all have to pick up some food and do a few little jobs .
Saten-san tidy’s up her place ready for guests while also plotting and planning some devilishness which is why she’s one of my favourite characters in this series despite being a level 0 support character.

Railgun S Ep 17 - AnimeMage.com

A few episodes back it was briefly mentioned that Misaka used Saten’s kitchen to make cookies but didn’t give much information as to who they were for and why… So of course Saten has decided she wants to play with our hero Misaka as she believes she has a boyfriend. Which considering the way Misaka and Touma are with each other, its not that far from the truth. At the end of the day he was her knight in shining armour even if he can’t remember her name… Its all them hits to the head.
Railgun S Ep 17 - AnimeMage.com

Kuroko continues walking the ally’s while doing her job as Judgement, she meets some old friends collecting more four leaf clovers and attracts some unwanted attntion however it does lead to her finding her item for them to eat in the evening so it wasn’t all bad.
Railgun S Ep 17 - AnimeMage.com

Misaka on the other hand goes to the hospital to check on one of her injured sisters and also find out what the doc knows about the other sisters.
Railgun S Ep 17 - AnimeMage.com

“While they’re all somatic-cell clones, created from cells derived from you”
“They were also exposed to various drugs throughout their time in the culture fluid”
“Somatic-cell clones don’t have a very long lifespan, and this just makes it shorter”
“By eliminating the hormone imbalances resulting from the stimulation for rapid development”
“we can save a large proportion of their life span, however it will be a hard fight”
“But this time, they’re not fighting to die. They’re fighting to live”

In short the’ll survive but there constantly going to need “adjustments” to keep them so.

When its time to meet up with Kuroko and go to Saten’s place Misaka bumps into an “old friend” which sets off an amusing conversation between the two children ;)

Railgun S Ep 17 - AnimeMage.com

But it always comes down to this! Boob size and Embarrassment lol
Railgun S Ep 17 - AnimeMage.com

Railgun S Ep 17 - AnimeMage.com

Yep Kuroko gets fried and I’m sure Frenda gets a similar experience.

Finally time to sit down and eat… Not my kind of food :SRailgun S Ep 17 - AnimeMage.com

And then they all agree eating with friends makes the food taste better as they all enjoy themselves and everything is back to normal…
Railgun S Ep 17 - AnimeMage.comFor now!!!!!!!

We know its not going to last for long, all hells going to kick off and I look forwards to watching every electrostatic second of it!

See ya next time :)

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