10 Responses to Fall Anime Season Lineup 2013 – Watch or Drop?

  1. Leap250 says:

    Interesting plan-to-watch list :D

    Your stand-outs are almost the same as mine (not gonna watch Outbreak Company, Log Horizon and Pupa) but the rest I feel are gonna be solid shows.

    Part of me really wants either Galilei Donna or Golden Time (I’ve read the first volume of the novel so I at least know what to expect) to steal the season. I also plan on picking up Ace of Diamond for completely biased reasons, lol

    Looks like it’s gonna be a fine season :D I might put out my own list of shows I plan to watch once Summer 2013 is over

    • MouseUK says:

      Thanks Leap250,

      Yeah, I’m not sure how Outbreak Company, Log Horizon or Pupa are going to turn out, I’ve got low expectations of them but well, Outbreak Company sounds different and amusing, Log Horizon I’m hoping they do something humours with, kind of a cross between SAO and Ixon Saga would be nice, but I some how think I maybe disappointed and Pupa… Well I’d like a good Psychological Horror Anime but I’ll see how it pans out :)

      Golden time does look interesting though I’m not sure it will steal the season, probably towards the top but will see. I think the words “Law School” kind of put me off but I maybe wrong. :D

      I’ll probably end up checking the first episodes of as many as I can and then sticking to the ones I enjoyed, managed to watch more than half of last seasons first few episodes then dropped it down to about 12 to watch through (I have 3 hours a day on public transport to kill time so Tablet+Anime works wonders).

      I may even check out some of the sport ones depending on time and motivation, maybe the cycling one. I did pick up C3-bu this season because of my like for Airsoft…

      Hoping for a good season, certainly show’s some promise… :D

      • rogerhood says:

        hello sir , it may be disturbing but i want to watch some good anime this season but i could’nt find better ones can you recomend me some new ones or old ones ? the geners i like are action ,adventure,shounen,comedy,mecha,supernatural,

        • MouseUK says:

          Hi Roger,

          I always find it awkward to suggest anime’s to people, because unless you have an idea of anime’s they’ve liked previously its hard to think of ones that the person may light… however I’ll give it a go :)

          This season there are a few that may take your fancy,
          Outbreak Company – Moe, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy – Basically boy finds himself in another world.
          IS (Though be worth watching IS first season first) – Mecha, Comedy, Harem (its more harem than Mecha but there are some good fight bits).
          Kyoukai no Kanata – Fantasy, supernatural, action about spirit warriors.

          Older Anime’s you may want to check out:
          Mecha – Total Eclipse though there is a bit of a harem going on in it.
          Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? is a fave of mine, some Comedy, some adventure/action about Zombies, Vampire ninja’s etc
          Toaru Kagaku no Railgun – Adventure with some amusing parts.

          Hope this helps,

  2. Savio_to_Shiva says:

    Theres quite a few interesting shows probably won’t watch em all in one go though. Another season of Freezing? Haven’t had the chance to watch the first yet. :P

    I’m pretty excited for BlazBlue since was small fan of the game in the past.Unbreakable Machine Doll, Strike the Blood, Infinite Stratos 2….oh and also Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai (only for the ecchi I admit).

  3. malice936 says:

    Seems like a pretty solid list, although this season seems to be a bit above average in my opinion. After a little review though you’re missing a pretty good anime I figure you would watch, the third season of phi brain, but I suppose you’re not really into multiseason shows. Either way nice to see a pretty good list of whats coming out with some actual info with them.

    • MouseUK says:

      Hey :)

      Thanks for the comment,
      Yeah, looks like I missed one, thanks for highlighting it :D

      Its not that I don’t like multi season shows its just that I don’t like starting to watch them 2 or 3 seasons in.. So I’ve added season 1 of Phi brain onto my plan to watch list and I’ll try and pick it up at some point :)

      You started watching any of the anime’s this season?

  4. Irustua says:

    Second season of Little Busters! is way better than the first one it seems. It’s like a whole new anime. You should give it a shot if you already watched first season.
    Plus it has obviously a darker tone, you won’t find a “cute anime” watching it.

    • MouseUK says:

      Thanks for the comment :)
      I didn’t manage to watch all of season one, I got a bit bored.
      I’ve heard good things about the second season but not had the time to watch it and I’d want to finish the first season off before moving onto the second one. Its something I may do in the future but at present I’m struggling to watch a lot of anime due to work, RL etc…

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