SAO Fone BETA (Android App/Theme)

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

If you haven’t seen this already, here is something that you can install on your android phone if your a Sword Art Online fan :)

“Sword Art On-line fone (Beta version) is the beta version of the Sword Art On-line fone, an application that transforms your Android device into the world of Aincrad using “fone” technology, a next-generation interface that allows complete customization of everything from the home screen to even the smartphone’s tools. This version is aimed at beta testers and will be used for development of the final release.”

“Players who clear the beta test will receive bonus content upon the application’s official release!”

“For more information regarding Sword Art Online fone, please refer to the following URL:

My Phone/Install/Play

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

First thing I did when I found out about this was to install it on my Sony Xperia M, which is a lowish model android phone, well I only use it for twitter, texts and calls so it doesn’t need to be anything fancy.

So since I’m able to run it, I’m guessing it will run on most phones.

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

It is a little laggy, click of an option takes a little longer than normal to get to menu’s etc but from the reviews on the beta test page it seems this is a common issue with the beta and something their working on :) but its not too bad so I’m putting up with it :)

There are some cool features, you start off picking from Asuna and Kirito, as you can see above I’ve gone for Asuna but you can change and swap pretty easily.

Your members are shown as a group but each individual member is assigned to a set area e.g Asuna is Phone and settings above.

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

Klein is linked to my Messages.

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

Keita is linked to my alarm clock and,

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

Diabel is linked to my Battery status…

So by using your phone these guys level up and you can challenge the floor above, once they levelled enough.
From the website it seems that you can swap and change the characters of your guild/group as you unlock more :D

Looking forward to adding Lizbeth, Silica, Suguha to my group :D (though that will be well out of Beta).

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

There are a lot of little nice features in the app and currently only a few of the extended app parts are available (The lock screen and the phone dialer).

One of the nice bits is that as you level up the 100 floors, the background images change to match the floor your guild is on.
The lock screen is also meant to change lighting depending on the time of day but I don’t think that is implemented yet as it is always blue skys for me (I’m in England so its nice to have some way of seeing blue skys ;))

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

There is also voice clips unlocked from the series and an equipment button that’s yet to be activated.
There is also campaign codes and according to the blurb there will even be boss fights :D

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

The battery status is nice and the whole app feels very clean and well designed.

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

Yui is always locked down to be your Apps window which is a nice cute touch.

SAO Fone BETA - AnimeMage

Finally the good thing about the app and why I like it, it doesn’t stop you doing anything you would normally do with your phone menu screen, still assign Apps, widgets etc as you would.

So other than the slow down/laggyness of the Beta Fone App it seems to be a pretty good application that lets you turn your boring android phone into a game that level’s up just by using your phone as you would normally!

Defiantly one for the SAO fans :)


Official Site
Crunchy Roll Announcement
Google Play


One for the fans :) Something fun for your Phone.

38 Responses to SAO Fone BETA (Android App/Theme)

  1. Lavinda says:

    I’m using it, but i dont know why Asuna or Kirito dont level up yet. They stuck at level 4, Klein and Diable also stuck at level 1. Keita is the only one who level up till now. He’s 9.

    • MouseUK says:


      I’m not sure how you check the character levels, I know the floor level is 4 :)
      Could it be the characters level depending on how much you use the application that’s linked to them?

      • Lavinda says:

        Each character have their own level. I check it everyday. It’s on the “lv” button. Yes, probably. I think so, the level depends on how much we’re using the application.
        Thanks :)

        • MouseUK says:

          :) Now I’m confused lol
          Can’t find a “LV” button… wondering if my phone screen is too small and its being cut off or something?

          Start phone with the Link start, swipe across…
          Usually takes me to my group, got the button at the top that shows me “Floor 4/100 Forest”, time and date top right.
          Bottom right I have a house button and daily the challenge dungeon button.
          Two swords at the bottom lets me hide, phone, message, apps, web browser, camera.
          Nothing other than apps I’ve assigned to left and right.
          Click on a character gives me the options assigned to them but no Lv anywhere :S I can swipe through characters (4 of) and can turn them around?

          Is it through the house button?

          Any help appreciated :)

          • Sam says:

            Its in the Charactermenü.
            Just hold one of the Characters, and click on there application, they will automatically let open the Charactermenü where the “LV” Button is.

          • MouseUK says:

            It all sounds so simple :S

            By character menu you mean the page where you have the full group showing?
            If I hold on one of the characters it shows there application which is fine but then it does nothing else.
            If I click the icon it takes me to

            No LV button for me :( I wonder if its due to the size of my screen/resolution? Is the LV button towards a side?

            Thanks for your help, I’ve got a friend at work with it also installed so I’ll go pester him/steel his phone and see if I can find it on his phone lol. :D

          • sami_sonic says:

            Hard to found that “LV” Button, I have an Xperia E Dual and had the same problem, it’s on the Character Menu (yes MouseUK, the one you took the screenshot) behind the House icon, I guess the screen size had to do with the overlapping of buttons.
            I have Keita on Lv 14, Diabel lv 6, Kirito Lv 2 and Klein Lv 1, maybe I need to make more calls and send more texts

          • MouseUK says:

            Thanks, I have the same phone :) and now I know its hidden behind the House button I can get to the level’s :D
            Asuna Lv3 – Kurain Lv 1 despite sending more messages than calls? hermmm… Keita Lv17! Diabel Lv 3? I have him linked to the battery meter? Hows that work?

            Oh well, with a Level 1 and two level 3s on the 4th floor, not really a wonder why I’m not moving up any-more!

  2. ivan says:

    Hi, I have some question:
    1. Why I can’t mute the sound?
    2. Why I can’t floor up challenge? When I touch floor up challenge it says “challenge failed”.
    Thanks before

    • MouseUK says:

      Hi there, :) No worries, I still can’t find a Lv button on mine, despite the recent update and explanations its not there… However, I can answer your questions :)

      1) You can you need to click on your main character (even Asuna or Kirito),this will give you a symbol of a phone and a cog (settings), click the cog and you get three more options, 1st to change the keypad colours 2nd to change ringtones, turn sound off etc and 3rd takes you to the normal settings.

      2) I’m on level 4 and have been on it for a few days, it seems to take longer each time. Basically you need to use your phone so the characters level and thus are able to work your way up the floors slowly. I read somewhere that you need the lock screen and phone keypad apps installed to make the leveling work though not sure how true that is as I can’t test it.
      So in short, use your phone like you normally do and click the floor icon every day to see if it levels :)

      Hope this helps, Let me know how you get on.
      Regards, Mouse

  3. jaycee says:

    what is the campaign code ??
    why i don’t lvl up ?

    • Semih Terzi says:

      Lvling isnt Highspeed :)

      • MouseUK says:

        That’s very true… I’ve had the app on for about 3 weeks now :)
        How are you getting on with the levels?

        • Semih Terzi says:

          First levels looked quite long.
          I Have it like 2 weeks (a little less)
          Kirito and Kurain stuck at lvl one.

          Diaberu lvled roday to 3. Keite was 3.
          Finished challenge today.
          Im one floor 3rd.

          Kieito finally looks normal :D

          • MouseUK says:

            LOL well done :)
            Asuna looks better after level 1 as she gets rid of the cape :D

            I’ve reported it as a possible bug that Kurain doesn’t level up above 1 for me and I’ve seen the same mentioned on facebook as well as by yourself. Also advised about the screen size/level button bug with the Xperia.

            See if I get any response :)

            Good luck with the levelling :)

    • MouseUK says:

      Hi, I’ve not found a campaign code yet and as were in beta I’m guessing they haven’t given any out yet. Not all the features are implemented yet so we will have to wait and see. They did hint at the people playing the beta who stick with it will get something when the game comes out full that is more than likely where the campaign code will come in. However, this is completely guess work at this stage.

      You level up by using your phone, I use the alarm on my phone every day and the character linked to my alarm seems to have leveled up the most. However I also text a lot but Kurain linked to my messages is still Level 1. I’ve seen a few people with Kurain stuck at level 1 so it maybe a bug of some sort or it may not be able to level until they introduce another part of the SAO Fone (like the lock screen and phone sides).

      Sorry this isn’t much help.

  4. MouseUK says:

    This may help some of you. When I emailed a bug report it came back with some information (automated message) about leveling.

    Thank you for cooperating with a “Sword Art Online fone” beta test lately.
    Moreover, thank you for the report of an opinion or a bug.

    Please be reminded that in order to create a more superb experience of the world of Sword Art Online, results from the beta test will be used for developing the official release of full version Sword Art Online fone.
    βテストの結果は正規版「ソードアート・オンライン fone」にフィードバックし、より素晴らしい「ソードアート・オンライン」の世界を構築出来るよう利用させて頂きます。

    To level up each character, experience must be accumulated through various smartphone actions. Experience can be gained through the following actions.

    Experience is gained by pressing the dialer button in the dock, opening your list of recent calls, making a call, and pressing the numbers on your dialer.

    Experience is gained by tapping the Mail button in the dock. (Experience is also accumulated by opening applications that have been assigned to the SMS button.)

    Gain experience by tapping on Keita’s Alarm icon button. (In the final release, an original alarm will be implemented.)

    Experience is gained based on how long the phone is being charged. Experience is also gained based on the amount of battery depleted.

    Please use your Android smartphone as per normal. Once you accumulate a certain amount of experience, you will be able to level up.

    By leveling up, you can then challenge the upper floors.
    (In the Beta version, you may ascend up to the 8th floor.)

    Please enjoy the Sword Art Online fone (Beta version)!
    『ソードアート・オンラインfone βバージョン』をお楽しみください!”

  5. Zeno334 says:

    how can you see your lvl’s i know where the lv button is but i cant tell what lvl my characters are please help thanks

    • Zeno334 says:

      bc i cant access the lv button no matter what i do and im still stuck on the first floor please help :D

      • MouseUK says:

        Hey, sorry for the late reply.

        It was awkward for me to press on my phone, but you could just about’s press it if you pressed just above the home button.
        Other than that, not sure what else to suggest.

        Leveling depends on usage of the phone, so the more you use it the more it should level. Though I struggled to level up messaging :S
        Hope this helps,

  6. shadis says:

    hey but how can i grow the level, when i click the button of stairs, appears a notification of challenge failed
    i do?

    • MouseUK says:

      Hi Shadis,

      You use your phone,

      Each character is linked to a part of the phone, so setting alarms each day will level up one, txting levels up another (though that wasn’t working for me), using the phone for calls levels up Kirito or Asuna and de-charging and recharging the battery levels up the other.

      The idea is you use your phone as normal and they level and thus you move up slowly.

  7. Alex says:

    I wonder who ever walked on level 8

  8. Alex says:

    Sadly I too only at level 4. I wonder what’s next

  9. hafidz says:

    how to get a campaign code.?

  10. mimi says:

    How can we clear levels ?

    • MouseUK says:

      By using your phone the characters will auto level up over time, and when high enough level you can challenge the floor and win.

  11. Ghezi says:

    how to go to next floor??

    • MouseUK says:

      Hi Ghezi,
      Its already in the comments, but basically:
      “By using your phone the characters will auto level up over time, and when high enough level you can challenge the floor and win.”

      So using SMS level’s up one of the characters who is assigned to that option, using the phone (battery drain and power up levels another one), phoning levels another and using your alarm on your phone also level’s another one.

  12. colbey carr says:

    hey i was wondering if they gave out codes for campain if so i dident get one

    • MouseUK says:

      I don’t think they have issued any codes yet, I’ve not heard of anyone having any nor have I had one myself.
      I guess it is something to prolong the life of the game once out of beta so until its live I don’t think we will see any codes (though this is a guess).

      • Luke says:

        For those who want to clear floor 7 and beat the beta you can glitch out the floor up. Make sure you are connected to wifi and go to the guild home (house button) then press the floor up button and almost immediately the ok button (blue circle) and repeat. It takes a while to get the hang of but it does work! I’m on lvl 8 and have the beta code though sadly its not the same thing as the campaign code :( Hope I helped!

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